New Girl. Why it needs to be renewed for one last season. 

There’s been a lot of talk lately about whether or not New Girl will get picked up for another season on Fox. With silence from everyone except for Hannah Simone and Jake Johnson, it’s looking like there’s a good chance that this beloved comedy could be seeing its last episode ever in just two weeks.

I personally JUST discovered New Girl at the beginning of 2017. I had seen a few episodes here and there but decided to binge the series in January. I managed to watch every single episode in a 2 week period and just fell in love with the quirky characters and the Nick/Jess romance. I’ve had a lot of OTPs but I think Nick and Jess are my TRUE OTP.

Hypable wrote a great post last week about why this shouldn’t be the end for the series and I wanted to chime in. Nick and Jess have both grown up so much on their own, and I think the story deserves the chance to play out rather than just alluding to the fact that they end up together. I’d like to see a shortened season 7 at the very least where we get to see what a mature Nick and Jess would look like, see Winston and Ally’s wedding, see Cece and Schmidt begin a family, and see everyone move out of the loft and say goodbye (a la Friends).

All we can do is wait and see for now, but I’m curious to know if anyone out there has any opinions. Should New Girl get one more season to finish up the story lines?


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